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Fran Horvath, founder and CEO of Huna Marketing & Advertising and Huna Publishing, has been helping businesses thrive through innovative and conscious marketing strategies for over 20 years.

Huna Marketing has evolved into what is now The Premier Digital Marketing Agency for hyper targeted lead generation. Huna Retargeting and programmatic advertising innovation has turned facebook, google, Amazon and all paid search on its head!

At Huna Marketing we take great pride in discovering and creating innovative strategies that propel our clients products and services to the top of their markets.  It stems from the competitive athlete in Fran – but it’s more than competitive drive…

We want you to realize the potential of the worlds best marketing efforts.  We know that there are truly only a small percentage of marketing firms who deliver the kind of results that you deserve and the rest are a not only wasting firms’ money and time but can be doing long term harm with some of the typical internet marketing strategies employed by 80% or more of marketing firms.

We provide you with cutting edge services that bring you new business – period!  Only results matter.

Not only that…We are going to make it simple to get your professional image and start the phone ringing EVEN IF you are a totally new business.


By sharing all the knowledge we have used to help Businesses around the world launch and receive a steady flow of new clients and repeat clients month in and month out.

There are no “tricks” or “3 easy step blueprints” to creating a consistent flow of new clients to your practice. It takes knowing how to generate traffic, grab attention and create an irresistible urge to buy.

..And that is exactly what we do.


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Fran Horvath is the founder of Huna Marketing as well as a veteran online marketer.  She has also founded multiple 6 figure online businesses and created multiple popular courses on teaching others how to do the same.

Fran has spent an extensive amount of time in traffic generation, PPC, reputation marketing, conversion, and spends much of her time currently creating new technology to help Huna Marketing clients dominate their markets.

Fran is also known for the energy she brings to her work (Hint hint, that’s the Huna Part) and her no B.S. approach to marketing.  She has consistently helped countless people create successful online businesses.

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