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Selling on Amazon is all the rage!  It is the modern version of the Gold Rush…

As is the case for any new “market”, the earlier you get in the less you have to know to succeed.  Early Gold Miners could strike it rich with the Gold found at the rivers edge or earth’s surface.  As more miners flocked to the gold regions, the mining became much more competitive.  The low hanging fruit was all but removed.  Increases in costs, labor and ingenuity were required to mine gold for less profit.

Just like the original ’49’ers, most searching for gold on Amazon will end up going broke.  A few who either get lucky or know how to choose a product to sell and more importantly how to profitably market and will strike it rich.

Lately there have been a flood of existing Amazon sellers actually selling their busnesses to unsuspecting “prospectors”.  The sellers knew just enough to show considerable sales and decent profit, the buyers have be woefully misled about what it takes to maintain the existing sales let alone increase sales and profit.

I can’t believe I have to actually say this but apparently it is not common knowledge.  This may sound like obvious advice but unfortunately I’ve run into it lately …

  • If an Amazon Seller tells you that they aren’t marketing their existing business, they are lying!
  • If an Amazon Seller is willing to sell a business that is making money and supposedly doesn’t require any marketing…why would they sell? (Umm, they Wouldn’t!)
  • If you don’t know enough to understand these two points, you shouldn’t be going into business for yourself.
  • There isn’t a business on the planet that does not require marketing – and a lot of it.
  • Marketing and sales are the cornerstone of every business.  Some may say, regardless of your Product or Service you are actually in the business of Marketing.
  • The top company in the world would die a quick death if they stopped marketing even for a few months.

If you reach out for marketing help from someone who has demonstrated success in what you are doing – listen to them!

Okay, my rant is almost over.

It is not just new Online and eCommerce business owners that have this mentality.  I see it even in the personal development world.  People come to some expert for direction and advice and then refuse to follow the advice.

When you are starting something new, and you have reached the point of understanding how much you do not know…do not forget the reason you searched out an expert in the first place.

Your ego will prevent you from ever breaking through the current stumbling block. Do not try to innovate until you yourself have mastered the basics.  The eCommerce world evolves very quickly.  If you are resisting what is currently working, you are falling farther behind than you even know.

Seek advice of those who are currently successful doing what you want to do.

Actually take the advice and most importantly, act on it!

Okay, rant over.

Success isn’t really that difficult….if we can get ourselves out of the way that is!

While we are not taking on any new Amazon Marketing Consulting or Franchise Clients in 2015 (maybe forever, but for sure no more in 2015)…we are very excited to be able to bring you the Next Evolution in Amazon Marketing.

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