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2015 is BOOMING On Amazon!: we have opened 2 Amazon Franchise Business Model spots. We plan to take on a total of 4, maybe 5, new Amazon Franchisees all of 2015. The opportunity is as profitable as ever but with some major changes which require significantly more attention and time to get established. While we have not raised the franchise setup fees we expect to do so due to the additional efforts involved in proper setup.  In addition to our previous offerings, these two new franchises will also be getting a complimentary e-commerce site setup at no additional cost.

Register now if you are looking to profit from the hottest business model on the planet today!

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Welcome to the Age of the Digital Franchise and the Leader of the Digital Franchise Business, the Amazon Franchise Opportunity




Analyze the Amazon Franchise opportunity stats with any other Brick and Mortar Franchise you are considering and you’ll realize, there is no comparison.




“ANNOUNCING: How to Build this Business for Yourself Using the Huna Marketing Amazon Franchise System that’s Producing Over $7.8 MILLION in Monthly Sales for Our Franchisee’s”



I know a few things about you just because you are reading this article.  You are involved in researching your next career move.  You’ve probably already seen the benefits of Franchising if you haven’t already decided a franchise would give you the best chance for success.  If Your decision to purchase a franchise has already been made, I’d like to personally congratulate you and welcome you to consider the single greatest change in business since the franchise was created.  The Virtual Franchise!

While the local franchise business model is certainly still valid and is potentially a way to create a financial dynasty, the internet and mobile marketing has dramatically shifted the power of the business online.  Our Virtual Franchise Model is built on a foundation as solid as the brick and mortar encasing the local franchise.

Our franchises are real businesses, selling real products.  They are businesses that can be scaled significantly farther and easier than any local business franchise model ever could.  You can sell your business or hire “managers’ to run the day to day operations.  Anything you can do with a physical business, the Virtual Franchise Model can do, only better.

One of the most important keys to being successful with selling on Amazon is being able to choose the right products with the most profit potential.If you end up choosing the wrong product, you will inevitably waste a lot of time (and money). Of course, making mistakes can be a good thing… but let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be good to get it right first time?Without doubt one of the hardest and most time consuming parts of this whole process is finding product opportunities. Amazon is a VAST marketplace, and trying to find great product opportunities can be extremely difficult. We have coached many people over the past 6 months, and this is the #1 issue that people have.That’s exactly why as a Huna Marketing Franchisee, we spend the research time to select the right product for you.


Our expertise at selecting product and finding product sources is only the beginning…

If you were to try to do this on your own, you would next have to have extensive Amazon SEO knowledge.  You would go through the entire process of setting up your Amazon listing you might be wondering if your listing is optimized for Amazon and for the search engines like Google.

Well, as a Huna Marketing Amazon Franchisee you don’t have to worry about Amazon SEO.  Our SEO experts setup your Amazon listing for you.

There’s more…

As we have grown Amazon businesses we have developed a large list of resources that we use for every product that we release.

We setup your Amazon Franchise Business using the exact same resources we use and then we give you that information to help you grow your business in the future.  Wel grant you private access to this resource list, you will save a ton of time and frustration trying to find designers, label makers, video creators, the best resources to promote your products …and so on as you grow and build on the Amazon Franchise we build for you.

This bonus is invaluable and you’ll be using it EVERY day as you grow your Amazon Franchise.


Here’s What’s Included with Your Huna Marketing Amazon Franchise Startup Kit:

  • Complete Done for you Amazon Business Setup or Re-vamping of an existing account & listing
  • Profitable Product Research (even if you already have an existing product – we need to reverse engineer your product selection)
  • Design and Build Your Own Highly Profitable Amazon Franchise Business
  • 3 Months developing raving fans to boost your credibility and ultimately boost your bottom line and raise your product visibility
  • 3 Months of traffic generation to Generate Buyers
    • You are getting our dedicated implementation team setting up your business PLUS,
    • Another 3 Months of  developing raving fans
    • AND 3 Months of traffic generation from within Amazon and outside
  • No Franchise Fees.  All profits belong to YOU.
  • Once your business is up and running and sales have started to come in (approximately 12-14 weeks) You can choose to outsource some of your most vital profit generating tasks.  Our PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE team is available to research and source additional profitable products you can add to your Amazon Franchise Business.
  • You can also choose to hire our Expert Reputation & Traffic Team to market your Amazon Franchise Business
  • And much, much more!



You can try and go it alone, but isn’t the risk and learning curve of the alone thing the reason you were attracted to a Franchise in the first place? (also see our FAQ below for more reasons to not go it alone)

There are 3 key areas you need to excel at to make your Virtual Amazon Franchise a wildly successful business…





quote-tip“The thing I love most about this business is the lifestyle this business affords me and the confidence I now have knowing that all I have to do is duplicate Fran’s efforts with new products and get the same great results.”

– John Gill from Florida ($160,000 Monthly Sales*)

quote-tip“I’ve sold $77,398.34* worth of a very basic products just following the Amazon Franchise Model from Huna Marketing. I was finally able to leave my job for good. Now I can spend more time with my grandkids.”

– Marykay Carr (aka ‘Amazon Grandma’) from Michigan ($10,000 Monthly Sales*)

quote-tip“I just had my last day at work! All my life I worked for government institutes and a couple of huge corporations in three countries. It’s enough! THANK YOU!!!”

– Elena K. from Sweden

quote-tip“Ok, even Chuck Harmon can do it, lol. Finally got there a couple days ago.”

– Chuck Harmon after posting his $25,858.32* monthly sales

quote-tip“Thank you to the Huna Marketing Group for all the wonderful ideas and tips that have helped get our business to this next milestone!”

– Dave Kettner from from Arizona ($50,000* Monthly Sales)




You know the internet offers the greatest opportunity for unlimited income potential and the true entrepreneur lifestyle you desire.  You know that there is no comparison between a physical business and an online business when it comes to real time freedom.

You also know there is no instant business in box and no free ride.  You not only know you must work at a business to make it successful, you want to be an integral part of your Virtual Amazon Franchise’s success.  We can build you the ultimate business but you will still need to do the work to make it thrive.  We will offer you the resources and tools to succeed just like a physical franchise but it is up to you to take the action to use the strategies or hire us to implement the growth and marketing strategies.

Give me a call personally if you have any questions….((please leave a message – you will likely get my voicemail)) 404-860-1333.

ACCEPTING NEW AMAZON FRANCHISE MODEL CLIENTS :  (ONLY 4 or 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE ALL THIS YEAR). You are convinced this is the ultimate business strategy…get started now.  We only take on 3-5 new franchisee’s per 8 weeks.  2 SPOTS OPEN!  decide amazon franchise


RECOMMENDED WORKING CAPITAL $15,000-17,000 (includes the initial Huna Marketing Amazon Franchise Model Investment).  Additional working capital required for inventory and branding.

If you need to split your payment into (2) two payments because you have daily spend limits please use this button.  You will be charged 1/2 now and the remaining 1/2 in 5 days to allow for weekend limits.  For Other considerations (like you want to use multiple credit cards) – please contact us.


*This website is not affiliated with, maintained, authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by, Inc. or its affiliates.

*Disclaimer: These franchisees were unusually successful. It’s unfortunate, but no matter how great, proven, or effective the training or business model, many people still do nothing and get no results. Many franchisee’s  make little or no money. Your results will depend on how much time and effort you invest, the amount of relevant skill you develop, and other factors. These results will show you what’s POSSIBLE with this franchise business when you apply yourself, follow the training, work hard, use our recommendations, and focus.

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Q: Why don’t I just go to Amazon directly, why do I need to pay you anything?

A: A lot of people jump right in and go it alone – which is one of the reasons our clients do so well.  90% of all Amazon sellers are doing it wrong.  Even when you are a pro – issues come up every single day that are new.  Amazon is changing its algorithm almost daily, like our good friends at Google.  Even when an issue is new to us, we have a network of highly successful franchisee’s as resources.  Many are on the cutting edge, pushing the envelope to see what works, what improves performance, where they can push the limits of Amazon TOS.  We get problems tested and resolved quicker than if  you were out there alone.

Here are a few examples of questions that come up every day:

faq example 1

One of the suppliers’ cost is consistently higher after brokerage fees are added.  One freight company regularly squishes boxes.  We know the answers because of experience.  You don’t have to learn through trial and error.  Knowledge is extremely valuable.  More than the Business expense when you let us get you up and running.

Q: What if my product doesn’t sell like expected?  You always talk about the importance of a fast start, I don’t want to get stuck with all the inventory?

A: You can not lose!  In the case that a product just isn’t doing as well as predicted or as in many cases, your business is humming along and although a new product added is selling, it isn’t performing nearly as well as other products and you decide it isn’t a wise investment of time to promote it – we have strategies in place that will allow the under-performing products to become an asset.  At the very least – if you just want to get the items off your books and a product isn’t selling at all, we can advise you on strategies to get your investment back.

Q: I got denied for product approval in a restricted category.  I already purchased my product and spent more money than I care to lose on packaging and labeling. HELP!

A: No problem.  Of course we always suggest you run it by us first if you are sourcing a new product – we’ll always warn you of potential problems and steer you in the right direction.  After the fact, there are things we have done that work well in almost all circumstances.  This information is worth 100 Times the investment in the Huna Marketing proprietary Amazon Franchise Model.  Some of the most profitable categories are now what Amazon deems “restricted”.  There are good reasons and it is actually good for us if you know what to do to get in and be a successful seller in one of these highly profitable categories.

Q: hackers

A: Hackers and Hijackers are an unfortunate problem when you become successful on Amazon.  Someone see’s your listing has climbed up the BSR and decides to take a ride on your coat tails for as long as they can get away with it.  Essentially they steal your listing (copy it) and promote an inferior product using your product page info, your brand name and reputation!  They will reduce price so it appears they are selling your product for less than you. 

We have multiple angles we approach as Amazon is often slow or totally un-helpful in many of these cases.  The simple response from Amazon is to order the product your hijacker take pictures to prove it is a counterfeit and submit it.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not.  We have multiple ways we go after these sleezeballs, including a Cease and Desist letter which works best when properly timed with an order of the counterfeit product from your Seller account.

Just a note, there may be legit reasons someone is selling your product although never legit to steal your sales page.

Q: Anyone notice the June change regarding using HTML in product listings?

A: no html in amazon listings

Q: How can Amazon or another seller update MY listing!?  I can’t edit my listing and when I asked Amazon Seller Central this is the message they sent me: Greetings from Amazon Seller Support:

I understand that you would like us to change the item title and update the item details for the ASIN#

We can only update the suggested changes for any ASINs with the valid manufacturer’s proof.

In this case, we kindly request you to please provide us the valid URL to product details on manufacturer website or attached scan of manual, picture of packaging, where the correct details are displayed along with the UPC so that we will troubleshoot the issue further.

When a detail page for one of your products displays information you did not contribute, it is because another contributor has detail page control for that product. This contributor can be either or another seller.

Detail page control determines which title, description, image, and other product information is displayed. This allows Amazon to create a single detail page for a specific product, even when there are multiple sellers of the product. One page per product results in a better buying experience for the customer.

Please note that the link you’ve provided earlier is not the manufacturer link. We need to verify the information listed in the manufacturer website to make the changes.

A: If you do not know how to protect your listing not only will you wast a ton of time trying to get resolution you will eventually get others jumping on your item listing editing key components like Headlines and descriptions, you will certainly run into issues with Hijackers and counterfeiters.  Another reason the Amazon Franchise Model from Huna Marketing is invaluable!