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April 23, 2014

Amazon Franchise Model

Welcome to the Age of the Digital Franchise and the Leader of the Digital Franchise Business, the Amazon Franchise Opportunity


Analyze the Amazon Franchise opportunity stats with any other Brick and Mortar Franchise you are considering and you’ll realize, there is no comparison.



“ANNOUNCING: How to Build this Business for Yourself Using the Huna Marketing Amazon Franchise System that’s Producing Over $7.8 MILLION in Monthly Sales for Our Franchisee’s”


I know a few things about you just because you are reading this article. You are involved in researching your next career move. [...]

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March 20, 2014

Evidence Franchise Marketing Experts are Missing the Mark

While I Troll Online For Franchise Industry Statistics To Use In My Marketing Research, I Continue To Find Information From Industry Experts Leading Franchisor’s Down The Wrong Path! Today I reveal Evidence Franchise Marketing Experts are Missing the Mark and How You are Being Fed Strategies That are Losing You Qualified Franchise Buyers!

Let me be clear, the article I am referencing below does a nice job outlining the importance of online marketing.  Unfortunately some critical pieces of the strategy are sorely outdated and will have you spinning your wheels and wondering where the new qualified buyers are for your efforts.

If you want to show qualified franchise [...]

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September 24, 2013

Franchise Domination

The idea of franchise domination may intimidate you but before you run off looking for a friendlier, gentler business model let me tell you a secret that will ultimately determine your success or failure. If you are going into business with the idea to just make “a nice living” you are likely going to fail and close up shop within 2 years.  If you do manage to make it, what you will have created for yourself is more work that the Job you are so desperately trying to get out of.

You can not go into anything with the initial thoughts of mediocrity and expect to enjoy the fruits of excellence.  The fruits of excellence are exactly what has sent you to this site and others [...]

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