Beta Franchise

Congratulations & Welcome!

This is by far the most exciting project we have ever created.  It is innovative and you are absolutely the right place at the right time.

The site we are going to build for your franchise is going to take advantage of the absolute latest strategies in internet marketing.  We’ve got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.  The good news for you is that you won’t be waiting long for results.  Please be hopeful and a little patient – while we put together your business that will start to bring results in less than 60 days and once it starts, there is no way to turn it off!

It is our deepest wish for you to get from this what you are looking for.  We think the model will offer financial freedom for those who participate.

The site is going to be just as promised, a franchise type setup with everything you need to be in business online.  This franchise is unique however…with our proprietary processes your business can be up and running and self sufficient.  You may choose to tinker a bit on your own, although we will suggest things you should and should not do so as not to interfere with the precise setup and traffic/sale getting systems we have setup.  There are things you can do to help your business along and we will talk with you about that once the traffic generation is flowing from our end.

Once we get your site up and profitable we will need a testimonial – that’s kind of why we are doing this Beta.  We intend to offer these franchises for at least twice what you paid after the first of the year.  You however, will have your franchise fee frozen at the current price for 12 months.  If you want us to build you another site up to 12 more  – your franchise cost will remain the same for one full year.

We will likely be offering a booster package for clients who want some extra traffic for increased sales or event related (ie close to Halloween next year). That will be something you can jump in and out of on a monthly basis and will be very affordable.

We will get all your questions answered between our first call and then after the site is up.

For now, please look out for an email from us.  We will want to connect with you by Skype or by phone.  We’ll reach out within 48 hours (depending on what time it is when you sign up).  There are a few things we will need from you to get your site completed, but we won’t need those for a week or so (like your paypal address etc).

Truly excited for you!

Welcome again and congratulations…this is life altering.