Contest Strategy

With the Right Contest Strategy…




Imagine waking up to 2,600 new subscribers… 1,800 new back-links to your site… 12 new YouTube Videos promoting your product… 3 new press releases promoting your product… 220 new Facebook posts about you and 14 new articles submitted… (All promoting YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE!)


  • WITHOUT SPENDING A Ton Of Money On Traffic!
  • WITHOUT Breaking a sweat at all!


Yes indeed, this is EXACTLY why everyone is so excited about “Huna Marketing Contest Strategy” — even new businesses!

“Your Participants Are BRANDING YOU For YOU!”

Let’s Go VIRAL!

The Ultimate Viral Client Getting Strategy!


You could realistically start with just a very small group of people in your contest. That tiny group could be all you need to initiate that “snowball effect” that sparks a “viral storm” of traffic, leads and income!


You see, since Huna Marketing Contest Strategy is viral (and multi-tiered) it does not take much to spark that viral phenomena!


For business owners, this “viral effect” is just monumental!


One viral storm can change your entire financial life if done right! We’ve all seen that happen before!


Here’s how it works:

Imagine having 100 people as participants in your contest… those 100 people do things to earn points (prizes) such as: Post on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, submit press releases, run ads, refer people, and so on…

Well, those 100 people are out there posting tiny billboards all over Internet-land, and thousands of others will see the posts. All of the posts push more visitors to come join your contest.

100 people can quickly refer 1000 people. Those 1000 people can quickly refer 4000 people and the snowball effect begins!

For you, well, that’s cash.

All those people are doing more and more things to earn prizes/points. It grows and grows, and so does your: List… Traffic… Buzz… Branding… and CASH!

It’s that easy.


Joey Kissimmee

“Within 3 short weeks, I went from a ranking of 300,000 plus to 97,000 in Alexa. Along the way, I built a nice little list of over 1,000 people, which was truly amazing! I saw results like I’ve never saw before.

“And the really cool part about it was that my website went viral. It went into places that I didn’t even know existed. So this is the system that is very powerful and I highly recommend it to anybody. So thank you very much for bringing this strategy to me!”

Why Run A Contest?
Why Right Now?


I’ve heard many times — that having a big client and prospect list can be money on demand for business owners. I agree with that statement many marketing experts preach!


Having a list gives you an incredible opportunity to make money any given day. With a list set up, you can promote your own products or services… any time you want a cash infusion, want to fill slow times or just for earning you money!


Contests are already proven many times over.  Contests already help tens of thousands of businesses build lists, get buzz and drive traffic. A list… buzz in the market… traffic… all equal money!


But, more than money, what about your time and energy? Sure, a Contest can save you a ton of time… and of course it can save you loads of frustration and wasted energy… but it can also save you untold amounts of money!


I’m talking about Saving Money… not just making it!


If you think about it, it could cost you a fortune to set up and run paid advertising. If you think about it, marketers will quickly and easily drop  $2,000, $5,000 or more on paid traffic without blinking an eye.

“Most People Struggle Mightily To Pay For Traffic… They Struggle To Rank High (SEO)… And They Struggle Massively To Start Or Grow A Responsive List!”


The kind and quality of results for most small business owners is dismal.


Running a Contest, especially when it’s optimized with the Proprietary Huna Marketing Strategy.  For less than you are probably paying for your local yellow pages ad you can have an ongoing Client Getting Contest Marketing System working for you non stop.


What makes a “Huna Marketing Contest” so powerful is simple… it automatically brings you traffic, action, buzz, branding, a list and more!  It engages the market and it “rises you” above the noise!


Listen, we’ve all been there. It does not matter what level you are at right now, if you are responsible for bringing in business and willing to invest in your goals, you already understand how hard it can be to build a big client and prospect!


Many so called experts say it’s easy. It is not easy. It’s hard. Hard as heck.


Well, with “Contest Burner” it’s about to get a lot easier, guaranteed!


Look, most people fail at building a list for many years. They fail because of the incredible amount of persistence and stubbornness it takes to master paid traffic or SEO.


Most people are not going to travel to tons of seminars and build countless friends who can promote for them either. It’s costly, time consuming, frustrating and tiresome to build a list using traditional methods.


The reason some marketers achieve a big responsive list is because they are more than determined… and they put a lot of skin in the game by investing in traffic, seminars, SEO services, assistants and so on.


But believe me, there’s nothing wrong with spending that kind of money and time building your business… I’ve done it for 13 or so years myself!


However, it’s critical to realize, there’s an easier way!


We are talking about:

  1. Saving you tons of time
  2. Saving you tons of money!
  3. Saving you from tons of frustration!

And, I know those are things you want a lot more of (Time & Money & Less Frustration!)


That’s why I created “The Huna Marketing Contest Strategy” in the first place — to save myself time, money, energy and frustration. Look, I’m always looking for ways to free up time and resources. That’s why we are in business right?

“Most Businesses Struggle Mightily To Pay For Traffic… They Struggle To Rank High (SEO)… And They Struggle Massively To Start Or Grow A Responsive List!”

No wonder the big fortune 500 companies use contests! Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds — they all use contests for a reason!

That reason is:


You see, when Huna Marketing Propietary System runs your contests, you’ll instantly realize people are MUCH MORE engaged with what you are doing… much more responsive… much more active… and much more profitable!

The tests show… the open rates are through the roof!  And for good reason… it’s obvious why… people are engaged and they want to know IF THEY WON any prizes or what the next move is!

(Did you not peel off the little sticker thing on the McDonalds cup to see if you won?  Did you not look under the Coke bottle cap to see what you won?)

It’s called “engagement” and it works like a charm!  It’s a beautiful thing and it can skyrocket your entire business!

You are warming up your lists and the traffic and the ENTIRE MARKETPLACE to you… to your brand… and to your products and services…

This Is The Ultimate

Branding Machine!



Here’s How It Works!

First off, Contest Marketing by Huna Marketing is a proprietary strategy that we create, manage, market and promote for you!  I know that is music to your ears.  I mean, the easier something is to use, the better!

Next, I need to tell you how powerful this program is.

It’s huge!

In a nutshell, Contest Marketing by Huna Marketing, you can conduct regular massive contests .  These contests can get tons of people participating.  It is virtually UNLIMITED What they will do to earn prizes or win the contest.

We will have an army of people out there doing all sorts of things promoting your business.  For example, you can have…

  • People posting your product on Facebook to earn points.
  • People clicking “LIKE” on Facebook for you
  • People posting your product (or contest) on Twitter to earn points.
  • People posting blog comments to earn points
  • People writing and submitting press releases to earn points
  • People writing and submitting articles to earn points
  • People shooting and submitting YouTube videos to earn points
  • People creating video responses to your YouTube videos
  • People “subscribing” to your YouTube channel
  • People driving subscribers to you to earn points
  • And so much more!


With an army of people participating in your contest, you’ll quickly have a ton of people out there driving traffic to your site or contest!

All of that is EXTREMELY POWERFUL for generating Cash-Flow!

You get all this with our basic Contest Marketing System for a one time setup of $1500, then we’ll run an manage powerful contests for you monthly for only $795 per month.  You can stop and start again at any time without having to start over with a new setup fee (as long as all pertitent information remains the same).


Generate A Ton Of Buzz In Your Market Place!

Buzz creates word of mouth.  It creates “top of mind awareness”.  It creates a buying emotion in a marketplace.  It’s like walking up to a giant bee hive and smacking it with a stick (people go nuts).