David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ, Endorses US Manufacturing Performance Improvement

    KEARNY, NJ, October 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — After working in the manufacturing business for many years, David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ, has seen how US industry operates and the competition received in the recent era by international manufacturing agents. However, recent findings have shown that the United States’ manufacturing industry is starting to gain ground. Soon, America will be on a level playing field with China.

The Wall Street Journal published an article that displayed statistics regarding US manufacturing. In the first half of 2013, the United States’ deficit on manufactured goods trading decreased by two billion dollars. Although this is small within the $225 billion industry, economists see this as a great improvement. The United States has lost vast amounts of manufacturing business to Asian countries and hope to change this model.

David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ, states how one of the major contributors to the United States’ recent success is two-fold. Not only are energy costs lower, but wages have also stagnated. Experts believe that this “Reshoring” of manufacturing can create between 2.5 to five million jobs by the year 2020. The current unemployment rate, which is at 7.4 percent, can be reduced by as much as three or four percent.

Nearly 20 years ago, there were approximately 17 million Americans employed by manufacturers. Nowadays, only 12 million people have these types of jobs due to outsourcing. President Obama has made manufacturing reshoring a top priority, with an intent to reduce American unemployment.

Regardless of these improvements, David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ, states how there are still some challenges to overcome. United States manufacturers face a dilemma when it comes to finding skilled workers. Factories are becoming more computer-oriented and workers are ill equipped to handle this new generation of technology. Also, there has been a shortage of workers due to the retirement of the baby-boomer generation.

“The United States manufacturing industry still has a long way to go,” says David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ. “Other countries have upped their efforts by producing newer, more advanced technological products. America is combatting this by increasing quality standards and training workers with sophisticated machinery. It’s a battle between the countries’ markets and I’m pretty confident that the United States has the ability to prevail.”

Some manufacturers have already implemented efficient practices and procedures. Harley-Davidson tweaked their operations, leading to $300 million worth of savings. These changes include hiring temporary workers who did not require a severance pay upon dismissal. Harley-Davidson changed their restrictive rule guidelines, allowing workers to utilize their skills in various departments. This company has set a model for other US manufacturers wishing to improve the industry. David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ, is optimistic for the US manufacturing industry’s future.


David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ, is the co-owner of J. Kuhl Metals Company, Inc. in Kearny, New Jersey. He and his brother, Robert, operate one of the largest non-ferrous metal distributors in the Northeast. They specialize in selling over 400 products made out of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, brass, and others. The knowledgeable staff at J. Kuhl Metals Company, Inc. are ready to take charge and help customers with any questions or concerns. Besides selling non-ferrous metals, the company also purchases foundry residues and machine shop scrap, and offers on-site technical assistance. David Kuhl, Essex Fells, NJ, supports various organizations related to the metal industry such as the American Foundry Society and the Aluminum Association.