45 Degree Offsett Sights For AR-15 and M4 rifles

45 Degree Offsett Sights For AR-15 and M4 rifles

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Designed for the AR-15/M4 platform – but will work with any rifle that uses a picatiny rail system.
Durable & Lightweight – Machined from 7075 aluminum alloy bar stock. (lighter weight & twice the strength of 6061 T6 aluminum used in most sights.)
Ambidextrous – Sights can be mounted for both right hand and left hand shooters
No Special Tools Required – Attaches easily and securely to Picatinny rails using a flat head screwdriver (or an improvised field tool)
1/2 MOA Adjustments – Each click on the elevation and windage knobs are exactly 1/2 MOA just the original AR-15/M4 sights.
True Point Of Aim – Unlike most 45 degree offset sights the RAOS were designed with the same height above bore as standard AR14/M4 sights. So zeroing and aiming are a cinch.
Rugged Design – The RAOS underwent a 5,000 round continuous fire test to ensure they would hold up to heavy use. They are also treated with a Milspec Type III Hard Anodized finish to reduce glare and prevent corrosion.
Low Profile – Sights mount low down to the Picatinny rail and only extend up 2/10 of an inch and will not interfere with the mounting or use of your primary optics.
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What People Are Saying:

Rapid Aquisition & Transition

American Defense Group’s “Rapid Acquisition Offset Sights” are designed to allow the user to quickly transition from a magnified optic to iron sights for close range shooting (or BUIS) without the need to break your cheek weld or move your hands off the rifle.

When mounted to a picatinny rail the RAOS are positioned roughly 45 degrees off center, which allows you to bring the sights into alignment by simply canting your rifle slightly to the side.

This unique set up allows for lightning fast transitions between long & close range targets without the need to mess with your primary optics settings.

Precision Machined Quality

RAOS are manufactured to the highest quality military standards & are quality control checked here in the USA. These are NOT the cheap Chinese made ‘toy sights’ that are being passed around as the rea deal.

To ensure that you could depend on the Rapid Aquisition Offset Sights, we put them through a 5,000 round continious fire torture test. The sights held up to the abuse and maintained both zero and tight fit to the rifle the entire time with no adjustment needed.

To further test the durability of the sights we sent them out to be tested on 3-gun competition rifles as well as duty rifles for Military and Law enforcement personnel. And in every case, the RAOS passed with flying colors.
So, you can be assured that these sights are tough enough to handle any situation.

Best In Class Value

American Defense Group’s goal was to produce the highest quality rapid transition sights possible and bring them to market for a price that would not break the bank of the shooters who support us.

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