eCommerce with Social Activation Dominate Over Amazon

A Socially Activated eCommerce Business Model that is easier to Start, Manage and Grow than the Best Amazon Seller Model!

A physical product, selected and fulfilled in an incredibly  specific way,  marketed in a very special way allows many people to break into eCommerce (and Build a Thriving, Sustainable Business) where previously the cost and barrier of entry was too great and managing the business was like wrestling a Polar Bear virtually daily!

Getting the best of both worlds, a low barrier of entry along with long term client retention, virtually anyone can build a six or seven figure eCommerce business using the Huna Marketing eCommerce Business model.

How is this different than the typical Amazon  or eComm Business Model:

  • No massive startup inventory
  • Marketing fundamentally different
  • Client acquisition and growth is not dependent on a platform (ie., Amazon)
  • Traffic model unique
  • Sales pages, headline optimization and conversion concerns virtually reduced to irrelevant!
  • Know if your product is going to be profitable before investing in massive amounts of inventory


We teach you how to Pre-sell the prospect to massively increase conversion, sales and longevity!

What we are offering:

6 Weeks of Consulting on our eCommerce Model so that you can step in and grow and expand your eComm business after we help you  select and source your first product, set up your sales Funnel and eComm Site for you! Essentially, we are setting up your eComm Business structure, the foundation of your business.  In 6 weeks you will be up and running in your new business.


  • Identify Hot Selling Product
  • Sourcing The Product
  • Implement Your Socially Activated Funnel – This is a Done For You eCommerce Business – Completely Setup

    • It is like getting your own online “franchise” business.  At the end of 6 Weeks you will be in business – all that you will need to do is drive traffic (we show you how in the included training or you can hire us to manage for you) and scale as much as you desire.


  • Find Your First Product
  • Source Your First Product
  • Setup Your Sales Funnel
  • Setup Your Site (including all the Themes & Plugins we use)
  • Integrate Your Site with Your Shopping Cart
  • Build Your Buyers List
  • Train You How We Did It

Who is the Huna Socially Activated  eCommerce Business Model For?:

Anyone who is leary of or just not interested in all the drama and struggle associated with selling on Amazon. (We are not saying you won’t ever sell on Amazon, many who follow the Huna eCommerce Socially Activated Business Model will use the Amazon Platform at some point in the evolution of their eComm Business – just not to get started and never as the primary income source).

Anyone who wants to avoid the pitfalls and potential financial risks involved with sourcing massive quantities of inventory required to make a proper go of it on Amazon.

Beginners are ideal.  If you have your own product, we respectfully suggest that it be put on the shelf just for the immediate future.  It is likely your existing product(s) can fit into the funnel we are creating for you but not the way you are probably thinking.  We rarely find an existing Amazon or eComm seller offering products that are ideal for this model.

You do not need any special skills – only the ability to follow a simple process we setup and duplicate what we do and teach you.  Remember, we are setting your entire business model up from sourcing to sales process, including your eCommerce sales site.  You will pick up where we left off and will scale the business (we teach you how).

You are responsible for your own inventory but the way we develop our eComm Businesses, we know in advance if a product is going to sell and we remove the risk of blowing money on inventory. Our system allows you to be in business and break even or profitable almost immediately with a very small inventory investment requirement.

Who the Huna Socially Activated eComm Model is Not For:

Anyone looking for a push button – make instant money online system. Guys, this is a real business and you will actually have to work at it.  You will have to manage and market your business.  While we have created a system that gets the best possible results and we are virtually handing you a business – setup, tested and ready to go, you will actually have to run your own business.  You can hire us for consulting at any time or simply stay on the recurring (hosting) service after the 6 weeks setup and training.  The hosting service will also allow you get updates from us on what we are doing in our businesses and what is currently working, any new strategies or tests we run will be shared with you and you can of course get limited access for basic Q&A – (The recurring service is not a coaching product, it is simply a hosting service and monthly updates of real world marketing strategy).

The web is full of people trying to take short cuts and automated systems – which makes our model infinitely more powerful than what 99% of most marketers are doing online.Our Model looks for, exploits and leverages massive ROI.

See an example of a split test we ran for a product we were testing: (once we understand our Metrics, we take a test we spend $100 on and give it the green light and invest in inventory. ROI will increase after our tests because costs will go down once we optimize our offers.)  In case you aren’t familiar with online marketing – – these numbers are not typical!  They are for us though!

If you don’t see the opportunity, it just means you don’t know how extraordinary these results are.
Actual Product Test Results

We are currently accepting  3 New applicants for our Mid January Startup.

We have structured the Huna Socially Activated eCommerce Marketing System into 2 parts:

1-  is our Done For You Business Setup Process and

2 – training on how we set your business up, from product selection to sales funnel to fulfillment and customer service.  The system is structured to be complete in 8 weeks. Your business will be up and running and you will have all the tools, skills and resources you need to scale your business or duplicate the entire process in other niches.

Your initial setup and training is a 2 month pay plan, with the first payment due immediately and the 2nd due 30 days later.  We are taking only 3 more new clients for the Model scheduled to begin in Mid January.  Sign up now to reserve your spot.  Once we get the final 3 clients or by the 2nd week in January, which ever comes first,  we will be shutting down this offer.

You can choose to remain on the monthly recurring Hosting and E-mail eComm Best Practices or discontinue at any time.  If you discontinue, you will still own everything we built for you – this is your business, you own the assets. You will just need to begin to provide your own hosting and will no longer get our current marketing updates about what we are doing in our and our clients’ businesses to manage and grow our eCommerce businesses.

 Join us Now…We are not allowing people to stagger into this! You must be registered for one of the 3 remaining spots before we begin building & training.  No exceptions will be made and since we are building this for you no refunds will be offered once we begin. You can choose to catch up on training in case of a life event happens – we are here to help and understand stuff happens.
Huna Socially Activated eComm GuaranteeFAQ:Q: What additional costs can I expect?

A: Your shopping cart,  inventory, distribution costs and advertising are ongoing business expenses.  As you can see from the Image above, we test with a very small budget before committing to a product offering. In addition you will need to process payments (we integrate the site we build for you into a Shopify shopping cart – the ongoing Shopify shopping cart fees are part of doing business) and host your eCommerce site (with us or on your own).  There are also paid research services we use to choose your product and we will show them all to you.  We will also show you free research services we use. It is entirely optional whether you use the paid services for future product research.

Q:  How quickly will my business be up and running?

A: We have structured this business model as an 6 week rollout to include both the DFY service and Training.  You will have a business with a product that has tested with similar ROI to the image we showed above at the end of the 6 weeks.

Q: How quickly can I expect to be making good money?

A: We don’t know how you define good money but a couple things come into play here – first, as you can see from our guarantee (100 sales in 100 days) – we fully expect that metric to be hit. If you want to grow faster the strategy is easily scaled by spending more on advertising and working faster/harder. We suggest your extra effort is spent on tweaking and testing conversions to get the best outcome first before scaling.

Q: This is OUR Question & Answer Based on the Quick money questions we get: Internet Marketing has programmed you to ask and think about quick money/easy button – many marketers capitalize on this. We all know the easy button doesn’t really exist.  Even if the shiny object works, it is only temporary and usually ends up costing more in the long term.  We are building a real business that is sustainable, profitable and not look for short cuts.  What we are doing and teaching is rather simple but just like anything that comes into the market, others will jump on the bandwagon once word gets out.  This is the first time this has ever been taught outside our small network.  We are confident the first movers who establish their businesses before the rest of the market will build a strong sustainable business even when 1000’s of others attempt to duplicate our model.

Q: Why is there a recurring fee? Is it required?

A: Our recurring service is for Hosting your eComm Site and updates about best practices… what we are currently doing in our businesses and our clients’ businesses. Many of our clients’ don’t want to deal with the technical aspect of hosting and benefit greatly from the real life tests and insights we offer so the value is apparent.  This can however, be discontinued at any time.  If you cancel, you must then host your own website (we will help facilitate the transfer of hosts).  If you do intend to manage your own hosting we recommend you begin the process  before discontinuing our service so you don’t experience any site down time. (which means you may overlap the hosting services to make sure your site stays up and selling until the instant you turn one off and the other on).

Q: What if I just want you to manage my site for me after the 6 weeks?

A: We are not currently offering ongoing management services but may consider it on a case by case basis.  We will be offering a traffic service to drive traffic to your funnel in the near future.

Q: How is the training structured?

A: We will be doing a Live Training Weekly which will correspond to the topic we are currently engaged in on your Done For You Side of the program.  All calls will be recorded for you if you can’t attend live.

Q: What if I have an existing business and want to sell my own products?

A: We rarely find anyone offering a product that plugs ideally into the core foundation of this model.  However, we are not saying you have to abandon your business to do this. We are saying that you need to be open to a new product that can be used within our scientific and researched processes to improve your existing offering.  There is no guarantee but chances are good we will be able to find a product within your existing niche that fits perfectly into the Huna Socially Activated eComm Model.

Q: What else do I need?

A: You will need a Facebook account and Ad Account.  If you don’t have a Facebook Account or Facebook Ad account, don’t worry, we will show you how to set one up.  We will manage your initial Ad campaigns inside your existing account.  We also build you a Facebook Page and Group in your account.  FYI, it is against FB TOS to have more than one FB Account.  You use your existing personal FB Account.  No one connected to you personally will know anything about your business side of Facebook unless you want them to know.

Q: Can I do this outside the US?

A: Yes, this marketing strategy will work virtually anywhere.