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I am going to make this really, really quick.

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The service I am about to introduce you to has only been on the market for 2 Days.+  It has the power to revolutionize your business.  I am not here to sell you on it though.  I haven’t had the tool myself long enough to even demonstrate it here.

The value will be obvious once you see what it is.

What I will say is – I know one of the 2 men involved in the creation of this tool.  He happens to be one of the biggest Facebook Advertisers in the world.  That is saying a lot because he does not represent a major Fortune 100 company.  His businesses spend so much money on Facebook advertising, Facebook reps come visit HIM.

I am telling you this  to let you know — the reason I am comfortable introducing this brand new service to you just 2 days from launch without having significant experience with the service myself, is I know who is behind the technology.

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