What is included with my Local Search Profile subscription?

How will a Local Search Profile benefit my business?

When you create a Local Search Profile with Huna Marketing, we will distribute that information to more than 100 search sites as well as publishing it on your own page in the. Your business information will be added to search engine listings where you aren’t currently appearing, and your most current information will be updated in other search engines where you already are listed. Your subscription also gives you the ability to add a description of your business and to add rich content like a logo or images of your business which many search engines display alongside your search results, improving your search results and driving new customers to your business.

What is the cost of the service?

For current pricing for new subscriptions, please see the Pricing below.

What search engines will I be listed on?

Your Local Search Profile information will be distributed to Google(R) Maps, Yahoo(R) Local, Microsoft Bing(TM), Yellowpages.com(TM), Comcast.net Search, DexKnows(TM) Online Search Profile, Open List(R), Yellowbook(TM), Kudzu.com(R), and many more. Altogether, your listing will be distributed to more than 100 search sites.

Do I have to have a Website?

No! You can use an Local Search Profile to promote your business regardless of where you host your website, or even if you have no website at all. All you need is a US street address and a phone number.

Do I have to have any website at all?

No! You can use a Local Search Profile to promote your business even if you have no website at all. All you need is a US street address and a phone number.

Can I sign up if I’m outside the US?

No, we only offer Local Search Profiles to customers with US addresses at this time.

What are HCARD and geo-sitemaps?

HCARDs and geo-sitemaps are two formats used to encode information which are recommended by search engines to ensure that your business is found in search listings. Huna Marketing makes it easy for you by automatically passing information in these formats to search engines without requiring you to do any work.

Why would I want to upload a logo?

If you add your logo to your Local Search Profile, we will distribute it to more than 100 search engines. Many search engines will use this logo along with your search listing to improve the look and ranking of your listing. Having a logo will attract potential customers to your listing and drive more business to you!

What if I don’t have a logo to upload?

If you don’t have a logo, you can provide any picture you like that represents your business. For instance, you can show a picture of your storefront, or of yourself hard at work. Anything colorful and eye-catching could work well.

Can I tell what results I’m getting?

We provide tools that let you verify at a glance that the major search engines have your correct and current information.

Can I tell how exactly many visitors I got because of my Local Search Profile?

Not necessarily. The Local Search Profile service will make sure search engines have your correct address and phone number in their results, such as on Google(R) Maps. This will drive customers to your store or to call you directly, without ever visiting your website. That’s great! But it does mean that we can’t track how they found out about you.

What if I need to cancel my account?

Canceling your account is easy. Just e-mail us at contact@prosperitywhisperer.com. When you e-mail, we may ask you to give us feedback about how we can improve our service. We appreciate any comments you may have as we are always trying to improve.  Remember, even after you cancel, all of your information is out there.  You are only cancelling updates, resubmits and any new sites we might have submitted to on your behalf.  The work we do is always out there and getting you results.

How long will it take to distribute my profile information?

Unfortunately, it depends on the search engine. When you publish your profile data, the Some directories will be updated immediately, other sites will take longer. Some may be updated in as little as a week; others will take 6-10 weeks.