What is Huna Retargeting

Many people have come to us confused about what Huna Regarteging and our Facebook Retargeting services are. We have no competition!  There is no tool available that does what we do. We most commonly get asked — is this like… “Qwaya” or “Adespresso” or Facebooks own Audience Insights Tool? Occasionally we will hear from folks who are familiar with some of the lesser known tools that are targeted at smaller ad spend like Insight Hero. This is level confusion. These tools have their place and should absolutely be used for those who are managing their own Paid Advertising campaigns. What we are offering is not a competitor of any of these products. Our Retargeting Service is on a level of its own.

  • It targets leads at depths impossible by any other means.
    • reaching individuals who are actively seeking targeted services and products
  • It collects lead data unavailable from any retargeting tool available
    • We capture lead data from Impressions! Clicks not necessary.
  • It improves ROI by approximately double any other method, tool or service*

  If you are spending 50k or above on paid advertising – please contact us to find out if we can work with you. You do not have to commit all of your ad management to us immediately. We are willing to manage a portion of your paid advertising to demonstrate the ROI improvement. You will have no doubt!

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*(Required Disclaimer:  Huna Marketing does not know anything about your particular ad campaign strategy or results and can not guarantee and are not offering to guarantee you double profits — we are speaking of past results only.  Future results can not be guaranteed and specific ROI figures are market dependent).