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Hi Doc,rebranding seo

If you have already begun the task of researching a website development or marketing firm you are in for a pleasant surprise!


The Good News …It’s not as arduous or expensive as you have been led to believe.


You no doubt know Rebranding your new practice is one of the “A” items on your extensive ToDo List. How effectively you Rebrand your new practice will set the stage for your client retention and growth for the next year or more.


My name is Fran Horvath, founder and CEO of Huna Marketing and Huna Publishing.


I know the task of hiring a marketing firm can be confusing and the investment costly – which is why we created our Huna Practice Rebranding services.


After multiple clients (mostly Chiropractors and Orthodontists) came to us to help “save” them  after months of financial and time investment with other marketing firms missing deadlines and asking for more money after budgets “ran out” we packaged the most asked for services.


Our proprietary marketing, seo and traffic systems and technology are deadly effective and we’ve partnered those services with the highest converting business website templates on the web today to offer our clients results they can’t get from the major National  Marketing Firms!


We will get your website up and running in 30 days (or less if you order rush service) so you can focus on caring for your patients.  You won’t have a moment of stress or investment of your precious time “chasing” us down because of missed deadlines.

Our results are guaranteed! To be clear…  It’s not a money back guarantee – we aren’t looking for clients who aren’t serious about building their practice.


We do guarantee results!


If  some freak act of internet aliens prevents us from delivering elite level results for you we will keep working for you until we do!



Our packages are created so that regardless of your budget or IT needs, we can help*.


Regardless of the package you choose, our features are going to be light years ahead of what other firms offer and for significantly less investment of time and money.


If you don’t know us, don’t think that means we are a “budget” marketing firm.  We are not.


You won’t see us building crap websites for $500!  Our experience and technology is Literally unrivaled!


The results from our SEO strategies are comparable to the best marketing firms on the planet.


We’ve just created hyper effective systems and are small enough to shift quickly to changes in the market.


Contact us if you have any questions.  But if you are interested in hiring us and your needs are immediate, please don’t deliberate too long without acting. Our doors usually only stay open for a day or two once we notify our list we are accepting new clients.  We are currently only taking on 10 new clients a month based on our current work load.


*If you require custom work, we are very selective about who we work with and will ask for a phone consult to make sure we are both a good fit for each other.


Very Limited Opportunity! We only accept 10 new clients per month…we’ve got over 2000 Practitioners on our monthly waiting list.  When we open spots always go fast!


If your practice relies on local traffic, our sites are designed to get noticed by local search traffic.  If you are spending money on Online Ad’s, local yellow pages and newspapers,  our SEO services can save you $1000’s.  Check out our packages and let’s get your phone ringing!