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ATTN:  Huna Advertising, Media Buying Agency now offers Display Advertising to Local Business



According to, a typical pay-per-placement fee to get mentioned in a publication

with a circulation of 500,000+ is a whopping $3,400 (Huna Display Advertising isn’t close to that!).

Huna Advertising, media buying agency, proposes that just because you are a so called small business, doesn’t mean you have to advertise or market like one. The problem most small businesses face is the cost of running a major (consistent) ad campaign with any media outlet that is capable of generating major brand awareness and ultimately increased sales is usually prohibitive.

Reality is your  advertising budget is pretty much just feel good money – it’s not helping your business in any way that your bottom line would notice. But what if you could get huge exposure on highly sought after media space like or YouTube targeting your local market?

Because at Huna Advertising, we are a premier Media Buying Agency…. We purchase a large volume of Ad space so you can get your ads displayed on the top local and national sites – such as,, and usually reserved for major corporations and franchises

Click Here if Looking Instead for  Offline Advertising – Direct Mail (Contact Us if your Area is Not Available)

With Huna Advertising you get:

  • professionally created ads
  • search optimization of creative
  • targeted to your ideal client (those who use, search and buy similar stuff!)
  • reaches prospects in your local market
  • visibility reports including clicks, hovers, and which sites your ads are running on most frequently
  • Targeted to prospects based on their demographics, interests, and products and services you sell/offer
  • Exposure on high traffic digital sites
  • Brand Awareness and Credibility
  • Engagement with the local Market (huge for google ranking of your online business properties)
  • Campaign Management


What exactly is the Huna Advertising, Display Ad Media Buying for Local Business?

Display ads are the largest and fastest growing segment of the local marketing industry advertising budget.  Until we began offering these services, because of our advertising budget, to the local business, the benefits of Display Advertising has been limited to the large business and franchise.  Display advertising allows the business owner to target his ideal client in the local market (or wherever the ideal client is) with great efficiency.

Although Display Advertising has traditionally been viewed to be geared toward Brand Awareness – the overwhelming statistics show that Display Advertising increases sales comparable to more costly PPC advertising.

Huna Advertising Display Ad offers a full service Media Buying experience, from developing the creative, optimization for hyper targeted search,  reporting, publishing and campaign management.

I am still confused, what is a Display Ad?

We create your ads that are specific to your target audience (people who buy similar stuff, have recently been searching online for stuff just like what you offer – you know the ads you see that pop up when you are online for the thingy you just looked at on Amazon, like that) and target the specific geographical range you specify (how far away from the local do your clients generally come from, 5 miles, 10, 50…you get the idea)

This graphic explains why Display Advertising is so beneficial to the local business…

media buying local display ads are preferred

Is this a new form of advertising, I mean, how do I know it is going to work for me?

It is a growing trend but it has already reached the critical mass point where you are going to lose business if you don’t start using display advertising.  See what the guru of all online advertising, Google, has to say about display advertising…

google display advertisign


 Okay, I get it.  How do I find out more about getting a Display Ad from Huna Advertising?

Contact us at (404) 860-1333 – but please leave us a message if you don’t get a live person.  Someone will usually get right back to you (We are in Eastern Time Zone)!



Huna Marketing does not utilize any single products, services or “events” in a vacuum.  Any Agency or Marketing Firm offering any marketing, advertising, seo or other online marketing service as a stand alone is doing a great disservice to the business.

It is probably the single greatest reason I see for failed campaigns.

Display Advertising (as any advertising) is most effective when it is part of a marketing strategy and not a stand alone (throw stuff against the wall) approach.  The reason businesses and marketers fail at any particular campaign can almost always, at least partially, be related back to their ineffective integration of the advertising into a much broader campaign structure.

You must first know what the goals of the advertising or marketing campaign are and then put a system around the campaign to support the goals.

EXAMPLE., why so many businesses fail to profit from “Deal Site” marketing….a deal in and of itself can be disastrous for the business bottom line if there isn’t a way to capture the new leads and market to them.  If a strategy to market to the new leads is not integrated into the campaign immediately, the effort and usually significant money is wasted.


…and a campaigns effectiveness is predicated by a great number of other factors external to the campaign itself.  What other types of marketing is being done and is this particular campaign being leveraged within the client’s existing customer-facing platforms and portals…

Huna Advertising Display Advertising is not a product sold in a vacuum.  It is a multifaceted marketing effort to maximize the effectiveness of the core campaign.

We do not offer and can not recommend any Display Advertising if sold as a stand alone product.  It simply won’t be effective.  You are better off putting a guy in a Hot Dog Costume to Stand in the Road in front of your business!

Ask about getting Your special advertising package -Everything here included in this Special: Display Advertising, Retargeting (your ad follows people around the internet) and Facebook Advertising.