Huna Marketing Authorized Agencies


Huna Marketing provides digital marketing service to agencies who are certified and highly trained in our methods and reputable.  If you come across sites claiming to be a Huna Marketing Agency but lacking in proper certification documentation, please be advised that they are simply a competitor trying to ride our coat tails because they lack the skills, integrity and ability to provide any real value on their own.  If an agency is providing legitimate Huna Marketing services they will be clearly identifiable as a Huna Authorized Agency and we will certainly vouch for their abilities and integrity.

One easy way to identify a fraud is by noticing their content is written just to stuff words on the page that don’t make any sense.  They are not writing articles for information, education or even proper marketing.  They are just trying to get a bunch of words they think will rank them on Google so they can steal real customers searching for those words.  (see examples below).

So when a prospective client searches for terms that include Huna Marketing the search engine (Google, Bing etc) may return the frauds site because they packed pages with things like…

digital agency Huna, digital marketing agencies Huna, digital marketing agency Huna, marketing agency Huna, online marketing agency Huna, reputation management Huna, small business marketing Huna, social media consultant Huna, social media for business Huna, social media management Huna, social media manager Huna, social media marketing Huna, social media marketing strategy Huna, social media training courses Huna, twitter marketing Huna.

None of our approved agencies will use spammy and potentially risky (will eventually get legitimate sites punished or even banne) ranking strategies.

Please contact us to verify authenticity before hiring anyone claiming to be or providing any form or version of Huna Marketing Services.