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WARNING: Due to an almost overwhelming level of interest in The Huna Website Franchise Model Beta over the past week, we are Currently sold out the Website Franchise Model – memberships went extremely quickly. Since we can only cater to a small number of people...  please register below for our early bird notification when the next Huna Website Franchise Model opens up. We fully expect the spots to go EVEN FASTER than those in the Beta Version. So act quickly when you get the notice –  the sold out sign could appear at ANY time.

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Huna Website Franchise Model is The Most Innovative Evergreen Business Ever Created!

The Huna Website Franchise Model is like a traditional franchise in the sense that you are paying for a business model. Traditional franchises usually include the business processes, a business plan, access to inventory, usually some start up inventory and support.

Your “franchise” fee includes the proprietary Huna Website Franchise Model, the business processes, the “inventory”, the staff, the manager and most importantly…THE CLIENTS!

With a traditional Franchise, you are responsible for everything. With the Huna Website Franchise Model, you are paying us to be responsible.

Your franchise site is NOT a replicated site sold multiple times like most “done for you sites” are. Your site is created from the ground up, starting with fresh research the moment you are accepted into the program. Once the site is complete and the “traffic” has been initiated – the income starts flowing in.  It will organically continue – fluctuating like any other business might, there will be busier seasons depending on the market.

The only thing you will do is choose whether or not you are satisfied with the recurring income once the site is “established” or whether you want to “boost” your traffic by subscribing to our monthly “traffic booster” (extremely affordable compared to the income you will be receiving – it will be a no brainer).

Some “franchisee’s” choose to “boost” their traffic for XTRA income for special purchases, events, weddings, vacations or to capitalize on market trends, holiday spending etc.

Your site is yours to sell, “boost”, leave it and invest in another Huna Website Franchise!

The question that you are probably asking yourself right now, is this:

Just under 30 days from your acceptance as a Huna Website Franchise Model member, the initial research on your market segment will be complete and we will then be able to quickly set up your first Huna Website Franchise. Depending on the “package” you select, your franchise will consist of one or three high-converting sites.

We’ll then be able to start driving traffic using our proprietary systems to begin generating income.

Then, the first goal – a minimum of $1000 per month NET PROFIT should hopefully be reached around 60 days from publication of your site. That will also mean you would have ownership of REAL website assets worth $5000 to $10,000 if you were to sell them. (these types of sites are very sought after and can be sold very quickly)

Of course, if you have ever tried your hand and making money online you know it is not easy to get the above results… But like we say, our systems are fool proof, the reality is…

…and here are 6 very good reasons why we can get you there FAST:


You won’t need to DO anything.


You won’t need to spend another nickel on your sites…unless you want to.


You don’t need to pay us a % of your affiliate commissions. Your Initial Payment is all you ever give us for your “franchise”


You don’t need to understand marketing, how to run a business or deal with staff.

5: You need NO previous experience and NO additional investment. (unless you want traffic boosters in the future to grow your income even more)
6: You can easily use this as a way to quit your day job.

In other words, there are NO roadblocks or barriers to entry — None. Whatsoever.

The only people who SHOULDN’T DO THIS are…well, I guess people like me – Control Freaks!

The reason this works so well is because we have systems and tools that we use to analyze markets, products, industries and trends…this ain’t your everyday website SEO companies build.  We don’t do “keyword research” like every body else does.

Which is WHY WE CAN GET SITES TO PROFITABILITY SO FAST AND SO STABLE! While everybody else builds you websites and guaranteeing NOTHING!

Everyone’s “franchise” can get to this initial $1000 per month goal… (and really hear me… we are going to make sure you get there!)…then it is just the question of whether you want to sit back and collect your commissions or continuing to build your empire… As a Huna Website Franchise Model member you will be offered our “traffic booster” monthly service if you ever want to increase your monthly commissions or get a bump in earnings for a special occasion or holiday.  And you are eligible to purchase up to 12 additional “packages” per year. All the more “assets” replicating the process repeatedly, creating more website ‘networks’ and quickly increasing your monthly income.

In Summary…

What we are going to build for you flat out WORKS, and you’ll be walking away with a system that we have used to make $517K from a single simple website.
This is one of the FASTEST ways of money that we know. Once the research stage is completed, you can literally have a site built and we can begin driving targeted traffic to it in 48 hours or less.
The software and toolkits we use cost us over $60,000 to develop.
You can also expect to see holiday or seasonal bumps in traffic and by default then commissions.  
You’ll be getting 1 year of overview of your “franchise” performance and traffic boosts at no additional cost to you  from us – if we notice your income dropping below the $1,000 level.
You’re in control of your life &  your income – not a Boss – Not any one Online Superpower like Facebook or Google. Your revenue and assets will have bullet-proof protection from sneaky algorithm updates and other ‘shenanigans’.
Having said that, even though we are going to reveal a NEW way of getting traffic & money, if you WANT to do SEO or get paid traffic, then that is fine – But is very much optional.
There are NO additional expenses other than domain names and hosting. No paid
advertising, no graphics outsourcing, no employees, no “franchise fees”. EVERYTHING is taken care of.
If you are looking to add a little extra income to make life a little easier, you are in the right place.  If you are looking to replace your income, you’ve got everything you need to succeed – it’s just a matter of how much income you need to replace. You decide how soon you reach your goals. If you are already making money, use this achieve true freedom with ADDITIONAL income streams.
There is nothing else you need. There are no up-sells or anything like that . The Huna Website Franchise is one complete package.



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