Orthodontists and Chiropractors buying an existing practice…this Re-Branding Info is for you

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Pre-pay for a year of any Practice Branding or RE-Branding Service 
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Now, let’s have some fun and see what your Practice looks like online…

The first order of business profitability for an Orthodontist buying an existing practice is Re-branding.

The task of  re-branding can be daunting – but critically important for your immediate and long term profitability. Statistically, since 2011 the demand for practices have significantly outnumbered the available practices for you sale. Consequently, the practice you just purchased may not have the profit figures to sustain the expenses especially if you are still paying back school loans.

The good news is…

If you watched the video above you know the practice has a 99% chance of having plenty of room for improvement.

We’ve prepared a checklist and Resources (click for resources) for you to help with the most pressing tasks related to online re-branding…

The sites we selected are the most relevant to how your prospective new patients will search for your practice. There are hundreds of sites and tasks. This article is intended to help you focus on what is going to give you the greatest impact.

You won’t be found online without Re-Branding these sites.


Click here  to instantly (for free)  find out how your new practice currently stacks up in the marketplace. All you need is the primary practice phone number.

If you want professional help with your Re-Branding consider this…

We have services that can have your new practice Re-Branded in 30 days or less!*

Most marketing companies offering re-branding services have turn around times in the months…most 4 or more months just for the website and then you are only getting a site, no content and if you want mobile and tablet compatibility – get ready to dish out another couple grand.

Our sites are proven. Optimized for conversion. Beautiful. Exactly what the clients and the search engines want.

We provide…

  • Quality content to get you started is included
  • flawless mobile compatibility. (Not all Mobile Compatibility claims are the same)
  •  And for an average of $2 Grand less than everybody else offering

Make no mistake. We are not a low priced solution. We offer elite level product and service, we just know our business better than 99% of the rest so we can do it faster and better!

*we limit the number of new clients we accept each month to ensure the very best quality service. You can visit our  Rebranding Page to see if we are currently accepting new clients.

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