Orthodontists: How to Attract Qualified Buyers

Only Results Matter…

Have Qualified Buyers Competing To Buy Your Practice

Since 2011, there was a significant disparity between the number of available practices and potential buyers.  The valuation of your practice, it’s location and market potential are all determining factors for attracting Qualified Buyers.

The valuation of your practice is the primary consideration for buyers and the number one factor for attracting the qualified buyers capable of completing a profitable transaction with you.

Although valuation is typically based on your past 3 years, you can significantly skew the numbers and present the improved results from your new marketing strategy as long term and lasting. Only results matter! 

When results are sustainable

You can ask a premium and be selective with your buyers when your practice valuation obliterates any other practice the prospects might consider.  I don’t care if you are based in “tiny farm town, USA”. You will have the prestige and financial rewards as if your practice were the number one draft pick.

Delivering a Practice with a steady, consistent influx of new patients, demonstrating domination in your local market and ability to show 100’s and even 1000’s of percent increases in lifetime patient value will so over shadow any other practices for sale, you may likely find your buyers in a bidding war to win the prized Practice.

  Our primary focus for valuation improvement includes:

  • Generating a Consistently Large Influx of New Patients
  • Dominate your Local Market in online search
  • Beat the competition for top searched terms
  • Train your staff to deliver a 5 Star Experience from first contact
  • Improve or repair significant flaws in existing practice marketing including…
    • Website
    • Reputation
    • Lead Capture
    • Social 
    • Local
    • and much more (Including Our Secret Weapon)

You can check your practice Online Ranking for free here and then take a moment to look at the Service Guide flow chart below to help you identify your areas of focus.   If you are interested in hiring us, please be aware that we will only work with 1 Orthodontist per market.  If you submit payment and we already have an Ortho client in your market we will immediately notify you and refund your payment.

Our Ortho Practice Valuation Boost Service starts with a Website Audit

Website Audit

The best approach to providing SEO for your practice is to conduct a Website Audit at the start of the process. This will enable us to conduct thorough market research as well as an analysis of keywords, rankings and competition. Further, it will ensure we can carry out a systematic analysis of the web design, web structure, backlinks, and content, followed by optimization guidelines.

SEO is a task-extensive process bringing long-term results and so it is important that we get it right straight away. Your reputation, and ours, depends on the results. We want to do it properly. The Website Audit will allow us to do that. If you’re looking to get the fastest results possible, our Website Audit allows us to target the areas of your SEO that will provide the greatest impact first.

In 99% of the practices we work with there is significant opportunity for improvements with Social, Local and SEO. After we clean up, repair or create your Social and Local listings we improve your SEO rankings and then use Huna Marketing Proprietary Strategies to boost your Practice bottom line!

We continue to work for you until your practice is a Goldmine and you have your ideal buyer! 

You can’t lose.  The Ortho Practice Valuation Boost is….

  • GUARANTEED TO  DOUBLE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Even if your practice sells within 2 weeks of start of service.  The value to your practice begins immediately!


 Qualified buyers are looking for the best practice available…make it yours!

**We reserve the right to refuse to work with a practitioner if we feel we can not provide the results described above due Practitioner’s unwillingness to comply with our suggestions…specifically actions required to remedy reputation problems.

consulting guide for Web Design and Online Marketing