Social Branding

Secure Your Brand on the Social Web.
Our powerful branding tool gives you brand and trademark protection across the internet by reserving your company or brand name on 100 social sites! Social Branding is a featured service of our Pro-Social package.

Branding is a familiar concept in the corporate world, where companies like Nike and Coca-Cola                                    spend a great deal of time and energy making sure their names and logos are at the forefront of our attention.

For small and medium-sized businesses, branding means getting your name out there as broadly as possible. In the world of social media, that activity might start with a Facebook fan page and a Twitter profile (as provided in our Claimed Profiles service), but the opportunity is much greater to extend the reach of your brand.

Social Branding is a powerful tool that claims your user name and creates your profile across 100 social sites. Imagine the power of spreading awareness of your company across a vast number of special interest sites, blog networks, photo sharing sites, news sites with social plugins, humor sites, and online gathering places of all kinds.

Some companies have reason to be concerned about trademark or service mark protection,                                    cybersquatting, and even scams and identity theft. Social Branding helps to prevent these issues by reserving your brand across a great number of sites at once.

With Social Branding, your online brand is secure on the social web.