Universal Listing

Broadcast Your Business.
List once with us and your accurate, detailed business profile is distributed to major data channels and over 350 digital portals including internet, mobile, and  in-car search. Universal Listing is a featured service of our Basic,  Essential, Premium, Professional, and Pro-Social packages.

With consumers making use of online search in rapidly growing numbers, it’s crucial for                                    businesses to take control of their online listings. Say you’ve spent a lot of money on a fancy new website, but when people search for you, they find a Google Places  listing with no website link. Say you recently moved to a new business location, but everywhere you look, the old information is still being published online.

Even if these cases don’t apply to you, you’d probably be surprised to learn that according to our analysis, as many as 40% of online listings have missing or erroneous information.

Until now, there’s been no easy way to get listing information directly from the business owner. Online search relies on secondary sources, which may be outdated, incomplete, or simply wrong. To monitor your online presence by yourself, you’d have to visit Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Yelp, Yellowpages.com, Local.com, Superpages, and hundreds of other sites to review and correct your listings, a task estimated to take at least 40 hours and probably more. And what about all the new sites that are constantly emerging?

Our Universal Listing service is a powerful and effective one-stop distribution point for your business listing. We distribute your detailed business profile through companies like InfoUSA, Acxiom, and Dun & Bradstreet, the data warehouses behind the scenes that power 95% of online search. With Universal Listing, you’ll see your business profile show up across more than 350 digital distribution points:

• Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
• Online yellow pages like Superpages and Yellowpages.com
• Social networks like Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook
• Portals and guides like AOL and Citysearch
• Mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone
• 411 directory assistance services
• GPS navigation services
• Telematics services like OnStar

And we don’t stop at name, address, and phone number. We’ll help you build a rich profile for your business, including accurate basic information, descriptions of your products and services, hours of operation, payment methods, logo, photos, coupons, and more.

Take charge of your business listing with Universal Listing, and make sure your customers see the information you want them to see, wherever they’re looking.