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Re-imagine Paid Search | Hyper Targeted | Retarget Without Clicks | Create Audiences In Search – Market to That Audience in Facebook | Generate Traffic!

Impression based, Hyper Targeted Retargeting Slashes Ad costs by half while Improving ROI!

Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Offer

Retargeting changed the landscape of paid search.  Huna Marketing has just changed the retargeting game – in a 3 Big Ways.

  1. Now, instead of blindly following prospects who click on your ads around the web, you capture those campaigns and can take them with you to Facebook.
  2. Now you can hyper target your ideal prospect when they are making a buying decision.  Instead of creating a retargeting list of everyone who lands on (for example), you can target down to the page where clients are actually looking for life insurance quotes (for example).  You can then create your campaigns specifically targeting those users buying interests.
  3. The Huna Marketing Retargeting Service captures lead data without clicks!  Impression based retargeting means your campaign captures everone who visits the Life Insurance quote page – not just the tiny fraction who click your banner!


Paid search is still, by far, the fastest way to generate traffic, which ultimately leads to sales if your offer is successfully converting. It is also the most effective marketing channel at showing direct ROI. The primary struggles with paid search have been targeting and cost. Even among business owners who fully utilize retargeting. While retargeting significantly improves paid search ROI, it lacks the ability to laser target the consumer while they are in the buying phase of their online search. At Huna Marketing we have been focusing on improving segmentation and targeting for paid search, without significantly increasing search cost. With the goal of better lead generation at the right buying phase for the campaign in mind, our focus always tempered with ROI consideration.

After much research and testing we have created a unique and proprietary method for delivering highly targeted traffic through paid advertising to the consumer with pin point accuracy based on the buying cycle we are targeting – that will actually improve ROI.

  • Laser Targeting
  • Improved ROI
  • Easily segment audience by campaign
  • Massive Traffic and Lead Generation

While improving segmentation and targeting for paid search was our primary focus, we accidentally stumbled on the ability to leverage the data in an entirely new way.  We now have the exclusive ability to capture lead data based on impression. Our Retargeting lead generation works based off of Impression! Clicks are not required!



  Impression based paid search is not new of course. What is unique is the ability to capture the lead data. Before our discovery, your retargeting campaigns blindly followed your lead around the internet. Now we know who the lead is and we can leverage that data for improved ROI. In addition we are retargeting with PAGE & KEYWORD pinpoint focus. Instead of your ad reaching Broad Audiences who might be interested in your product or service, we can build custom audiences inside Facebook and on the web exactly where your prospects are shopping to buy your service or product.

  • Create Custom Facebook Audiences from the data (significantly improved Targeting vs what is available on FB)
  • Without the prospect ever having to have visited your Website, landing pages or any of your digital properties
  • Build Retargeting Lists while Paying for Impressions not Clicks | Pixel dropped via Ad Impression


Build a retargeting list based on Keywords! Target & Build a retargeting list based on SPECIFIC WEB PAGES & URL’S Build a retargeting list based on Impressions not clicks   Our Platform is Built on (RTB) Real Time Bidding. 241 Countries & Territories Over 250 Billion Impressions Per Day Over 203,000,000 “buyer behavior” prospect categories We target the consumer while they are searching based on Buyer Behavior and drop your Retargeting Pixel.   ***You own the traffic! We create your audience using laser targeted URL’s and Keywords and then Run Display Ad campaigns to Your List or Run FB advertising to this same list (or both).   Contact us now to discuss your Paid Search Goals and find out if we can cut your current spend in Half!  

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