Cut Your Click Cost in Half!

Attn: Cut Your Click Costs In Half

 Double The Number of (Highly Targeted) Leads From Your Existing Digital Ad Campaigns Without Spending An Additional Dime!


We all know that retargeting provides huge ROI. 

What if you could more than double your ROI from your targeting efforts?

With your Same Ads, Same Clicks, but a couple big difference we can lower your costs and increase ROI…

You are currently paying more than double for your retargeting campaigns! The reason we know you are paying at least double is you don’t have any other choice.  Even if your firm pays a Wall Street Ad Managing wizard. 

  • You can not laser target your campaign like we can.  No one can.
  • You are paying double even if you are running CPM Campaigns!


The difference in ROI in what we are doing compared to what you are currently doing is like the difference between you owning a beautiful home in Beaver Creek, CO (pretty nice right?) and owning all the land and hotels in Beaver Creek!

There is no comparison!


Laser targeting comes in because we can target a specific page on virtually any site that offers display / banner ads.  We can drill down several levels deeper than anything else currently available.  We can target specific (deep site – term specific) URL’s and by keywords.


Instead of just targeting a specific site, for example  we can target an inside page that is significantly more targeted.

Imagine an  Insurance Company running an auto insurance ad.

Currently you can target Auto Insurance Websites, Facebook Pages and search on Google.  Not only is the retargeting cost astronomical but the targeting is very very broad.  Who knows if people who like that Facebook Insurance Page are even looking for insurance, let alone auto insurance or the people on that  Insurance Quote Site are looking for Auto Insurance? 

You can’t know.

With our proprietary software, we are now able to target the people who visit the Auto Insurance Quote page of Do you think your leads are more targeted and your money is more efficient if you could hand pick the page your ad runs on?

Your current way of advertising and retargeting – Costs Way Too Much | Targeting is soft

We are the only ones on the planet that have the capability to target based on specific pages and URL’s, build retargeting lists based on keywords and build a custom audience in Facebook off that same targeting

Pin Point Targeting is Just the tip of the iceberg though…

Right now you currently have the choice to Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression.

Once your campaign is tested to convert both work quite well. Better ROI than just about anything else you can do online. What if, you payed CPM type rates but you actually captured the lead of every impression?

And what if that impression were based on people from our Pin Point Targeting as described above?

What do you think that would do to your ROI?

Whatever you are thinking – let me tell you, the actual results are even better.

Look at this comparison we took from a Site Scout Campaign VS A Campaign Run using our proprietary software.  (By the way, Site Scout was the best performing, least expensive of all the comparisons we could show you — so best scenario in your current Retargeting world)
How does it work?:

In a nutshell, we have proprietary software that allows us to buy adspace on specific, targeted inside site pages. Our software can also steal the keywords other advertisers are using on Ads targeting your audience and we can capture the lead data based on impressions! Clicks are not required.

This is not what you understand as CPM.  We are actually capturing the lead by impression. So you are getting the benefits of CPM pricing while laser targeting your audience. Massive distinction. Massive ROI Improvement.

  • We Track and observe online activity of 750 Million People Online Over 250 Billion Impressions Per Day
  • 203,232,000 “in the market” prospects in 10,750 categories.
  • Finance: 10,808,000 “in the market” uniques per month
  • Retail: 144,063,000 “in the market” uniques per month
  • Auto: 27,698,000 “in the market” uniques per month
  • 296 Ad networks, ad exchanges and traffic aggregators
  • 250 Billion Impressions Per Day
  • 40 Million Websites
  • Completely own your traffic
  • Clickstream Data Access (whenever an ad goes up for auction | based on the attributes we know pertinent information that allows us to bid on keywords and URL’s)

We Will Lower your cost of acquisition and you will never do Retargeting the same again!

We guarantee we will cut your click cost in half!

If you are currently paying $50 per click – Huna Marketing Laser Lead Targeting can cut your Ad cost in 1/2 and get you the same number of laser targeted leads (vs the same number of soft targeted leads you are currently getting).  Or keep your ad spend the same and double your leads (while increasing the quality of those leads).


We are currently accepting 2 1 New Huna Advertising Clients – We  guarantee we will double your leads (based on same spend) or we pay you Double Your Fee back.


This is a limited offer to help us get testimonials for a new service we are offering.


You will get our service for a one time setup and small monthly maintenance fee and absolutely NO profit sharing on our part.  If we save you you 50%, 60%, 70% or more of your current spent – you keep all the savings.

Setup Fees Run $2,500 – $7,500 One time

Monthly Maintenance Fee ranges $450 – $2000

**Normally we will also have a share of the ad savings or profits.  While we are still in Beta (2 1 more clients only) we are waiving the % Share of Profits/or Savings (which is where the majority of our profit comes from) .

After this beta round we will be offering this service with the same setup and monthly maintenance fees plus a % of profits.

But if you are one of the last two Beta Testers  – you get all the savings, forever, as long as you maintain our monthly management agreement.


We will quote our setup and management fee based on the size and scope of your project.

Please Contact Us Now to find out if we can improve your ROI.  You must submit your current Ad Spend and Industry or Niche.

We are only accepting 2 1 new clients – so Act Fast.  You have nothing to lose.

We’ll Share Results we got for some of our Alpha &  Beta Test Clients with the last two who get in! You’ll know for sure.


In case you need more reasons…

  • We can target Specific YouTube Videos
  • We Build Laser Targeted Lists OFF of Facebook and then can do Custom Audience Targeting ON Facebook with the same lists.  You will be able to target on Facebook like no one else in the world!

Will will have mobile targeting sometime soon after full launch.


Cutting Edge Upgrades Being Developed Now:

  • eMAIL
  • Phone 
  • Addresses for your leads…

Display, PPC and Retargeting gives you a sort of “Shadow Lead“.  You don’t really know who they are, even though you follow them around the internet. We are developing the ability to identify your leads and that opens up traditional marketing, eMail Marketing, Direct Response Marketing and Telemarketing out of the exact same database, same spend!

Contact Us Now (provide your current Ad Spend and Industry/Niche) – We are choosing the two clients we think we can help the most – so it is not first come first serve but we expect to have a decision within a few days).