Location Monitor

Your Customers Are Talking.
Our reputation management dashboard offers useful, interactive reporting on your listing visibility, reviews of your business, social mentions, check-ins, tweets, and more.

These days, if you aren’t a part of the social media conversation, you’re left in the dark about consumer sentiment. Trendy review sites like Yelp got the movement started, and the number of places where your business can be listed, reviewed, or mentioned has grown tremendously in just a few years.

These active communities deserve your attention. You need to know what your existing customers are saying about you and what your potential customers are hearing. And there’s a wealth of free marketing material out there in the form of customer testimonials, photos, and even videos of your business that you probably didn’t even know about. Why not share this valuable content with others on your Facebook page or website?

Enter Location Monitor, a full-service solution for online reputation management. We keep track of the important streams of online content so you don’t have to, and we pull it all together into a report that shows your Visibility, Reviews, and Social Buzz. We even show you how you measure up against competitors in your area, all for a low monthly price.

Location Monitor is an essential tool for online marketing. Your customers are talking. Listen to what they’re saying and join the conversation.