Visibility Reports

Check the Vitals of Your Internet Presence.
Our Visibility Reports offer insight into the breadth and accuracy of your business listings, whether you have one location or hundreds. Standard Visibility Reports are a featured service of our Essential, Premium,            Professional, and Pro-Social packages.

We’re deeply connected to the network of data distribution online. Our core Universal Listing service and related services like Quick Listing and Claimed Profiles ensure that your content reaches consumers wherever they are.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Our objective reporting tools gauge the breadth and accuracy of your online presence. These tools demonstrate the value of our content distribution platform, and can also be used independently as a roadmap for your online marketing efforts.

Our standard Visibility Report offers an in-depth examination of your listing health for a single business location. We identify where your listing is present or missing across all of the top local search sites. In addition, we report on the accuracy of listing information and the presence or absence of important data such as website links. The Visibility Report is offered to clients to show the efficacy of Universal Listing, and can also be used to identify weak spots and problem areas, such as sites that have not been updated on a timely basis.

The Enterprise Visibility Report is used by multi-location businesses and their representatives. This report shows the listing health of each of your locations across the seven top search and directory portals, with details on the accuracy of essential contact information: business name, address, phone, and web address.                                    Like the standard Visibility Report, the Enterprise Report identifies trouble spots where directory listings are missing or inaccurate. The Enterprise Report makes it easy to do this across hundreds of locations if necessary, with helpful spreadsheets containing precise findings for each site and business location, as well as overview  metrics showing the listing health of the organization as a whole.

Visibility Reports are essential tools in the management of online presence. In studies we’ve conducted, missing or erroneous information can be detected in up to 40% of online listings.  Business owners and their representatives must have tools that permit them to examine listing health and take action to correct problems.

Best of all, our Visibility Reports contain links to the sites themselves so you can act immediately to submit corrections or additions.