The Power of Reputation to Dominate an Entire Market is Virtually Unknown!

If you want the most direct path to new clients and market domination the only thing you should be focusing on is reputation.


…And not the reputation that 99.9% of marketing firms advertise.  What almost every marketing firm on the planet offers is a single piece of the reputation formula, management. I’ve said it before, but if your marketing firm is advertising Reputation Management, run, don’t walk from them.  They are at least 3 years behind the curve.


Great for us, sad for your bottom line!


It is the reason you have no doubt spent tens of thousands of dollars on online marketing, SEO, PPC and various other strategies without much to show for it. None of it works anymore unless your reputation is done right first.


Done right – Reputation Marketing serves as the best SEO strategy for your business; it can replace PPC and even most Maps Marketing (you certainly do still need to setup and optimize your local profiles).


But First and Primary, your Reputation Strategy will determine whether you struggle for new clients day in and day out, month after month or you thrive and deal with issues that come with expansion and healthy growth.

Just to be clear, because I know many of you have employed the “revenue at any cost model” that we have all done at some point in our businesses….The growth I am talking about is NOT THE GRIND YOU ARE USED TO…it is  growth with a client base you actually enjoy and want to continue to do business with.  It is growth that is sustainable and revenue heavy.  It is founded in pre-sold new business. No hard selling, no selling at all actually.

One of the foundational pieces of our Reputation Marketing Strategy is our proprietary Reputation Review Market Domination Video Production Strategy.

You are likely aware of the power of video for online marketing, viral marketing, seo and ranking locally.  What we have developed is the most powerful Online Marketing Strategy since the Internet!

If you would like to know how to get in our Reputation Review Market Domination Video Beta Program (limited to the first 100 businesses and strictly limited to 1 business per industry per market segment) please contact us now.

Be aware, that in exchange for acceptance in the Beta Program you must agree to some simple requirements.  We will make you aware of these requirements and you must agree before we divulge any proprietary information about the strategy.  Don’t delay, once the 100 Beta spots (or another business in your industry in your market) is taken we will be closing the Beta Program down and  only make this service available to our full service Reputation Marketing clients.



Don’t Wait, Contact Us Now….or you might just find your competitor’s Reputation Review Market Domination Video dominating the first page of Google instead of Yours!