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Marketing your franchise is a hard task, especially when you take into account the need to market all of the franchisees under you as well. This can be made easy by a good franchise website builder which can help you market your main franchise as well as the franchisee businesses under you. However, not all website builders came out of the same mold, and some have services others don’t.

Franchise website builders are basically those that let you create multiple websites that all fall under your franchise umbrella. Though the franchisees function as separate businesses, the franchisor would still have to provide support, and giving them a website to market themselves with is part of that. Most website builders let you edit multiple sites at a time, or provide marketing services for those sites, but only a few have these:

Brand Protection

If you have over a thousand franchisees, these franchisee websites can get so diluted to the point that they’re no longer representing your brand. For example, if one of McDonald’s franchisee websites doesn’t sport the iconic yellow-and-red hues of the chain, that’s going to hurt the brand more than help it. Therefore, you need a website builder that guarantees brand protection.

A good website builder would utilize a parent-child relationship. This means that whenever a child website is created for a franchisee, it’s going to follow the same template—same color palette, same fonts, same navigation system—as the mother website. Also, the franchisor can ‘lock’ certain parts of a franchisee website—this means that the franchisees wouldn’t be able to edit corporate content, for example, that might hurt the company.

Analytics & Reporting

Franchise website development companies should also have tools that let you monitor the status of your franchisee websites.

The marketing mantra ‘launch, measure, analyze, adjust’ applies even in Internet marketing, and without knowing how your target market feels about your marketing strategy, you wouldn’t know how to fine-tune it so it would perform better.

A good franchise website development program should then provide you with analytics tools that can let you track factors such as number of visitors on each site, the time each visitor spent on the site, what they clicked on, how many became customers, etc. You can then use this data to adjust the content on your website or your search engine optimization strategies to better suit your marketing needs.

Website builders for franchise companies aren’t all on the same level, so be careful when choosing a company to work with. You would want to find a franchise website development company that can meet your marketing needs. For more information, you can visit or