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ATTN: Amazon Sellers – A Huna Marketing Amazon Marketing Consultant will evaluate your opportunity for 7 key components with the ultimate goal of dominating your niche on Amazon at absolutely no charge to you or obligation.


 You can love amazon or hate it… but consider this:

“Our biggest search competitor is Amazon” – this is a direct

quote from Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google.

This was said just a couple months ago!

Not all products are created equally.  Amazon marketplace is a unique eCommerce space and your product(s) may or may not be one that can generate 5 and 6 figures monthly revenue.  We will do an in depth analysis of your product, the amazon competition and demand and will let you know if your product can thrive and how easy or difficult it might be to achieve your specific revenue goals.

Once we determine your product can generate the revenue goals you are after we have 7 top level categories we advise on.

Your product quality is one of 7 critical pieces needed to dominate on Amazon and it quite frankly isn’t the most important piece!

Now, you absolutely must be offering a quality product.  Our proprietary Amazon Marketing Model can not help you if your product is junk, doesn’t do what it says it can do, breaks during shipment or is generally low quality.  Your Brand and by extension your product are going to be positioned as luxury or top quality…there must be a good quality product at the foundation.

With the Huna Marketing Amazon Model, we have positioned our clients’ products as the leader in their market, selling for sometimes double their nearest competitor, even when the core product they were selling was identical!  Product quality is important, but by far not the only requirement.

We’ve all seen or heard of genius inventors or designers who create amazing, life altering products who never make a dime off of their ideas.  The idea must be infused with the right marketing strategy to be found and to flourish.

Next, your product listing must stand out from the competition.  You do this by properly optimizing the headline, body and product detail information.  Although we have a formula for success, we implement our best strategies and then we test, test and re-test all of these components to find the best converting combination.

Your customer service is a critical component to whether your product sells $1000, $5000 per month or $100,000 or more per month.  We have customer service strategies that will overwhelm your clients with service.  Which leads to the next critical piece of an Ultra Successful Amazon Marketing Strategy and that is reviews.

We won’t go into all the details here but Amazon will reward the seller who is doing terrific customer service, receiving 5 star reviews and is making Amazon money!

Making Amazon money is more than just selling a lot of widgets.  It is selling through high conversion.  Amazon will begin to reward you by retargeting your Product Page to outside properties like Facebook.  You will actually start seeing your Product Promoted by Amazon when you get the on Amazon Marketing Formula right and we know exactly how to do it.

And lastly, you must have a safe, sustainable, long term business model in place in case Amazon ever disappears, or your Seller Account is ever banned for whatever reason, usually breaking Amazon TOS.  But the reality is, you can do everything right and still anything can happen-Amazon could go under somehow, who knows.  Amazon controls your destiny if you do not have a plan for sales outside of Amazon.

So just to recap the 7 core steps to a brilliantly successful Amazon Business:

  • Quality Product
  • Listing properly optimized
  • World Class Customer Service
  • 5 Star Reviews
  • Conversion Rate
  • Sales Volume
  • eCommerce and Wholesale Models to protect your revenue

Once all of the 7 Core Components are in place you are ready to utilize our Amazon Marketing Consultant services.  Our marketing strategies are deadly effective and we won’t waste our time driving huge amounts of traffic to a listing that won’t convert or retain the benefits of our service.

If you are totally clueless how to start your Amazon Seller Business or how to fix an existing Listing that isn’t getting any traffic or sales or sales are dropping and you have no idea how to fix it – please consider hiring us to get your business setup for you properly.

If you are a new or existing Amazon Seller or a manufacturer who is interested in hiring our Amazon Marketing Consultants to drive massive traffic to your Amazon listing please contact us and tell us a little bit about your business, including your amazon seller account name if you have one and your company website.  We’ll do a quick check to make sure you are ready for our services.  If you are close we will offer our recommendations on optimizing your listing at no charge or obligation.

We only take on a few new clients per quarter and are only interested in working with businesses that are committed to world class service and market domination….why do it if you don’t want to dominate!

The rule of thumb we tell people is we expect to be able to offer a single marketing strategy that will more than pay for your monthly Consulting fee with us…keep working with us until we have exhausted all marketing strategies and your Listing has reached its peak performance and then start with a second Product Listing.

Our business is never static.  What was working a year ago, or even a month ago may not be working or as efficient today.  We have a team of consultants who test their own listings and their clients listings every single day.  This network of Amazon Marketing Specialists is one of a kind.  We take every single thing we learn for our real life testing and implement it in the businesses of our clients right now, while it is working.

We don’t hold anything back.  We aren’t keeping the best marketing strategies for ourselves.  It is actually the power of the entire organization of Amazon Specialists and Clients that allows us to react so quickly to changes in the marketplace.  We all benefit together.

You have spent enough time on our site and are ready to get started dominating on Amazon – Please feel free to sign up now for our traffic getting services.  If after our first consultation we determine that we are not a good fit we will immediately and fully refund you.  We are currently accepting 1 new Amazon Marketing Consultant clients for 2015 – after that we are shutting it down to new clients until 2016.  Register now to reserve your spot!

There is a one time startup cost per Listing associated with us doing the initial setup for the bulk of the traffic generation we will be performing and then an ongoing monthly fee for driving traffic to your Amazon Listing..  You can cancel at any time and jump back in at any time with the same listing (as long as you haven’t gone and messed everything up and lost all the momentum we built) and you won’t have to pay the the initial setup again.

Reasons some of our clients might jump out of the traffic generation subscription, running out of inventory (not a great idea – but it happens more often than we like to admit), business not ready to grow at the pace we are sending traffic (a lot of people are building their Amazon business with other time consuming life responsibilities)…or, maybe your product is seasonal and we’ve maximized the traffic or the season has ended.

In any case, you will see from other clients that we will certainly earn our keep!

If you would like to speak to us please use our contact form to arrange a time to Skype chat.  You MUST provide information on your business in the contact form so we can do a little market research prior to setting up a Skype Chat.